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Steve Jobs


It seems strange to read this biography just a couple of months after
his death. Even slightly disrespectful.

But I devoured the 570 or so pages. Steve lived a quite extraordinary
life and it’s a tale that will be read for generations.

It’s not easy to be near a genius. The products are beautiful and the
success stellar, but the book makes it clear that he was a dick
sometimes too. Nobody’s perfect.

The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie


Read this pretty much in one go on a flight to San Francisco.

Was expecting a tale of a fearsome Scottish schoolmistress, whereas it
turns out Jean Brodie is something of a liberal rebel, ignoring the
curriculum and educating her girls in more worldly matters of art,
music and relationships.

Indeed it is so drenched with adolescent longing that I fancied it
ought to be accompanied by a Belle and Sebastian soundtrack – probably
Judy and the Dream of Horses.