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The dawn of Euroguff – day one

So here we go!??The start of Euro 2012.??


At time of writing, there are??54??players in this lovely little Euroguff game. I will show my pleasant nature by embracing late??entrants up until the first match kicks off.

If you're a??twitter user, please use??#euroguff??when tweeting about/during the games??to get a sense of camaraderie amongst us. I have set up a list of??all known player twitter names here??(you may need to be logged into twitter on the web for this to work).

I have invited you all to??contribute to this blog. You can either directly comment on the posts, or reply to the emails that come from Posterous. Generally, if you see anything interesting or funny, send it on to me.

Poland v Greece 5pm – BBC


69% of Euroguff players see this as a home win for Poland, which indeed it would be as the game is taking place in Warsaw.

Just four brave souls see the Greece bailing themselves out in drachmatic (ahem) fashion. These mythical heroes are Dario Made-the-Gradi, Toy Bodgson, Yankee's Spankers and Anjusha Klins-Morinho.

Russia v Czech Republic, 7.45pm ITV

Russia come into this game in fighting shape, being unbeaten in 14 matches and having made antipasta of Italy in a 3-0 win last Friday. The Euroguff comrades are uniformly confident that this will go to form:??


Russian march for victory – 39%

Cold war style stalemate – 44%

Czech mate – 17%

Enjoy the games. Next update tomorrow morning, including the Statistically Misleading Early League Table(TM)