Chaise Lounge

Years ago (like, 1994) I stumbled across a club called Chaise Longue* in Regent Street. It was a crooner/cheesey listening night and devoid of any sneering/irony – they loved the tracks. This was before the flaccid irony of Mike Flowers Pops (though I liked him too), “I love the 70s” TV shows and Peter Kay.

I left the club with a free home-made cassette which I’ve played to death. Literally – this morning it won’t play without wowwwwwing and slurrrrring.

So for posterity, I’ve re-created it** on Spotify. Crank up and enjoy.


* I always thought it was Chaise Lounge as a clever pun, but nope

** with the exception of Something Stupid by Frank and Nancy Sinatra which isn’t available on Spotify yet


“to see a world in a grain of sand…”

Blake’s Auguries of Innocence is on the tube as ‘Science poems on the Underground’.

That poem has nothing to do with science!