The final results of the prediction game will be revealed before the match tomorrow.

Meanwhile, football means stats nerdery. Hurray!

There was a tiebreaker question as to how many yellow/red cards there will be in the tournament, and the spread of answers is shown in the chart below.


As you can see, the range went as low as 9 (faith in humanity) to over 400 (world weary).

The current actual count, with two games to go (I suppose we have to acknowledge today’s 3rd/4th playoff) is 259.

Although there is nothing in it other than a prize of shallow vanity, the prediction game entrants in with a shout of getting nearest to the tiebreaker are:

243 Matthew Woodeson
249 DK
252 david hickson

Unless there is 10 card bloodbath, David Hickson will officially be the prediction game’s very own Mystic Meg

Meanwhile, predictions for tomorrow? Click here. btw, this is very good for live chat if anyone fancies having it open during the game

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