How to tell if you’re old enough for The New Yorker

I love this anecdote from the always readable David Hepworth’s Blog by David Hepworth on 7/7/11

 We were asked to choose one favourite magazine and, in five minutes, explain why. I chose The New Yorker. There’s always a conscious and a sub-conscious reason for liking a magazine. My conscious reason for liking the New Yorker is for its range of compelling stories. My sub-conscious reason is to do with getting older.

For most of your life the world is a frustrating place because it appears to be run by people older than you are. Then one morning you wake up and find that it’s a frustrating place because it’s run by people younger than you are. When you reach this stage The New Yorker suddenly has a really strong pull on you. Suddenly it functions as a counter-balance to what seems like the increasing hysteria of everyday life.

By carlosfandango

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