Three thoughts on the world cup

1. I hope Argentina win
If England don’t do it, I’d love for the South Americans to lift the
trophy – in particular Diego Maradona. Most other managers seem to
have a clinical, corporate, scientific approach, so it has been
refreshing to see a maverick talent flourish. I love the team spirit
he has created and applaud his loco training tactics. If only sport
had more like him.

2. Don’t show me the money
It is vulgar and thoughtless to keep bringing it back to money. “At x
million a week they should try harder”, or “I spent thousands coming
down here”. Do we really have to take everything back to a crass
economic level? As it happens, money does not motivate in itself and
who cares what you have spent? You’re not the centre of the universe
and you have no particular right to be entertained, whatever you have
spent. The world cup is a wonderful spectacle in itself. Enjoy it.

3. England’s ugly imperialism
Unlike the commentators, I despair when I see stadia bedecked in flags
saying “West Ham”, “Crewe” etc. Where other nations seem there to have
fun (dancing with wigs) or display happiness (“Feel it, Ghana is
here”), we seem stuck in a timewarp, wishing to scare the locals with
peurile tribalism. Wit has always been a feature of banners and songs
at club matches and it could be for England.

By carlosfandango

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