Tickets nostalgia #2: Holland 1, England 4

Easily the most wonderful football match I’ve been to. It was a sunny day soaked with late-Britpop optimism, but no-one thought we could beat Holland, never mind absolutely batter them. Gazza was on wonderful form, as was (IMHO) the greatest number nine England have ever had, Alan Shearer. 

Watch the YouTube link below the see the rows and rows of glee-filled faces. We just couldn’t believe it. One wag struck up a barely tuneful refrain of “You can stick your total football up your arse” and at the end of the game, everyone stayed behind for an endless, spontaneous chorus of Three Lions. Frank Skinner recounted the moment when he appeared on Desert Island Discs a few years ago.

Just magical. And then we went for a curry.

As a side note, Shearer was interviewed after the game and asked how he felt that the late consolation goal Holland scored had put Scotland out on goal difference. “Tough that”, he deadpanned.

By carlosfandango

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