wedding songs

When we got married last year, the choice of music at the ceremony was of course important to us. We were allowed three songs, and this is what we chose:

1. Played as people were walking in

John Lennon urges everyone to step this way and it’s the start to an incredible opening. It got the choice because we knew that marriage was indeed going to be magical and mysterious. The alternative was Talking Heads’ Road to Nowhere. I thought people might not get that as it appears to be negative, but I find it liberating and quite spritual.

2. Played as we signed the wedding register

This felt like our song during the first few months of going out. Not only is it an astonishing  tune, it’s also uplifting and expressed what we were feeling

And I feel like
Some bird of paradise
My bad fortune slipping away
And I feel the
Innocence of a child
Everybody’s got something good to say

Things I once thought
In my life
Have all taken place

3. As people leave after the ceremony

Sally was brought up in Wales, so this bilingual song felt appropriate. However, Gorky’s are one of my very favourite bands, and as it breaks into Welsh, the lyrics are again beautiful and touching

Mae’n bwrw glaw
So dal fy llaw
Ond mae’r gaeaf mor hir
Mae’n cymryd gormod or tir

It’s raining
So hold my hand
But the winter’s so long
It takes too much of the land

By carlosfandango

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