Working life’s a Gas

My degree included a year’s work experience, which I spent quite enjoyably at British Gas in Staines (this is long before Ali G). It had not long been privatised, and in hindsight it was a fascinating time to be there.

Note in this picture that I didn’t have a PC on my desk. I did have a Lever Arch file and a copy of the Guardian though. Des was my boss (a top bloke who I saw the Pixies with).

Here’s a shot down the office. Everything looks quite beige now.


I liked Pat. She was quite spunky and unlike anyone I’d met before. Note the PCs in the background running Lotus 1-2-3 (a precursor to Excel). I totally bossed that programme.


Amazingly, we had a clocking in/out system. You could build up half hours here and there to easily earn days off. People routinely had 30-40 holiday days a year


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