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The Third Policeman


One of my things is to know nothing about a book, film etc. so that I
can experience the work without prejudice and have the story revealed
to me as the author intended.

Occasionally, this brings up wonderful surprises. When I saw the
Matrix, I was stunned by the unexpected twists and turns. And of
course the Sixth Sense is so much more enthralling if you don’t
know… well, you know.

Reading Flann O’Brien’s The Third Policeman fits into the stunner
category. SPOILER ALERT. it begins as a regular, rural murder thriller
but soon turns into a trippy, bizarre, wonderful fantasy that is by
turns Paul Auster, Charles Dickens and Lewis Carroll.

Reading the publisher’s notes at the end, I’m reminded that the book
appears fleetingly in the TV series Lost. Now there’s a perfect fit.

Future royal anniversaries


The Queen has rock-solid genes, so I reckon the recent Diamond Jubilee
won’t be the last.

But look at the list of upcoming anniversary names. All boring.

I propose an alternative list:

70th Feta
80th Plutonium
90th Kryptonite
100th Di-lithium Crystal

Future taboos

We look on times gone by and are shocked at how things that would be
outrageous today were ok then – airing racist attitudes, smoking in
front of kids, drinking and driving etc.

I often wonder what things are socially acceptable today will shock
future generations. Some starters:

– making horses dancing a sport

Home aquariums
– building tiny fish tanks into furniture as a novelty. Generally not
respecting living creatures because they’re small/mute

Separate Paralympics
– I bet both Olympics will come together and it will seem strange
they were ever apart

Red hair prejudice
– making fun of ‘gingers’

Mental health generally
– calling people nutters, people having to keep common issues secret
for fear of exclusion etc.