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Crimer – Eppasod 1

Still the funniest thing on the internet
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VOISEOVER: In a Citey wher thers Somuchcrimes , theDetetcive is onthe Case… DETETCIVE: Stop crimeing! VOISEOVER: But Oneproblam… Crimer!

VOISEOVER: Crimer is did Themost crimes. CRIMER: (writing in diary) Did Somuchcrimes… VOISEOVER: And hes get Hotbabes. CRIMER: Im am Hot

HOTBABE: Heye whats Yorname ? CRIMER: Names is Crimer .Ido crimes. HOTBABE: You is have Sexeymusles ! CRIMER: Heybabe thatsjus me… Crimer

DETETCIVE: We knowyu dide all them crimes.Youcant nowher to turn, Crimer! CRIMER: Im not did them crimes. (turns to camera) Im did all them

Read the full “Eppasod 1” here


I spent a big chunk of my teens in the local arcades, feeding ten pence pieces into coin-ops. There was nothing retro or ironic about these games from Atari, Namco and Williams – they were our first, dizzying experience of electronic culture. The colourful fast-changing pixels, twitching speed and space-age 8-bit sounds sometimes came together with a playability that thrilled the first digital generation.

1. Defender
2. Crystal Castles
3. Metro Cross
4. Marble Madness
5. Track and Field
6. Star Wars (vector)
7. Robotron
8. Out Run
9. Donkey Kong
10. Scramble