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Holiday within a holiday

Just returning from a work day trip to Dublin. One of the taxi drivers I took confided in me about his secret holidays-within-holidays.

He’s about to go to Lanzarote for a fortnight. Each morning he will get up at 6am and go to a fisherman’s bar. There, he will sink three or four pints and still get back to the sun lounger before his unsuspecting wife wakes up.


To this day, I can’t hear the words United Nations without repeating them back (not always in my head) as YOO-NITE-ED NAY-SHUNS after this scene in American Werewolf in London (skip to 1’20”)

Four Quarters

This new bar 5 minutes away from us in Peckham is a retro dream. Refurbished, original coin-op games, local beer and a good attitude. Like being 14 again in the Alassio except without older kids asking you for 10p



Didn’t realise how rare or protected stag beetles are. Saw this one in our garden yesterday and it was beautiful.