Crimer – Eppasod 1

Still the funniest thing on the internet
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VOISEOVER: In a Citey wher thers Somuchcrimes , theDetetcive is onthe Case… DETETCIVE: Stop crimeing! VOISEOVER: But Oneproblam… Crimer!

VOISEOVER: Crimer is did Themost crimes. CRIMER: (writing in diary) Did Somuchcrimes… VOISEOVER: And hes get Hotbabes. CRIMER: Im am Hot

HOTBABE: Heye whats Yorname ? CRIMER: Names is Crimer .Ido crimes. HOTBABE: You is have Sexeymusles ! CRIMER: Heybabe thatsjus me… Crimer

DETETCIVE: We knowyu dide all them crimes.Youcant nowher to turn, Crimer! CRIMER: Im not did them crimes. (turns to camera) Im did all them

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By carlosfandango

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