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No games today, so in Test Match Special stylee, I shall guff on about something tangential whilst alternating between an unfathomably posh voice and a heavily accented one. 

Here at Prediction Towers we love bit of nerdery, so away with anecdotes about cake, pigeons or passing buses, here’s a trip into the Euroguff analytics.


Left to my own devices
42% of predictors used a mobile phone to get their hands on Euroguff news. That over-indexes against the expected platform distribution.

Truly an international event
Visitors from fifteen countries have had their passports stamped with the Euroguff logo. I am particular intrigued to see that the game was accessed once from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. 


Social media
62% of visits came via social referral, with Twitter being eight times more potent than facebook

 – Mark Zuckerberg buying a commemorative plate for $1bn, yesterday

Who’s the Linux user!?
Bill Gates will not be happy that 78% of visits come from Euroguffers rocking Apple operating systems. Just 29% from Windows and there was one sweaty boffin using Linux lentilware.


 – Bill Gates with the new Microsoft Surface tablet, yesterday

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