Conference Troll

I have an idea for a comedy vehicle, which I have neither the front nor the inclination to do myself. It's called Conference Troll.

It's based on the shared horror of the business conference – those cathedrals of pity that take place up and down the halls and venues of our land every day. The school assembly chair layout, the supersized PowerPoint and the uncomfortable suits exposed under spotlights. 

It seems to me that these are rarely useful for the attendees, but merely revenue machines for the organisers and a personal job advert for the speakers.

My favourite moment of horror is the Q&A session. That bit where pimped-up ballboys scurry up and down the aisles with microphones so people can ask questions. And this is the bit that needs trolling.

I envisage someone asking "Borat meets the Office" style questions. Said with a straight face, these would be Brass Eye ridiculous, yet scrape through the credibility test. I see a series of these uploaded to youtube, puncturing the dreadful solemnity of these moments and providing fleeting moments of levity for the captives present.

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By carlosfandango

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