That Rob Green moment. In Lego.


Prediction game FACT: only Deana had Paraguay down to beat Italy.

1st= 8 Terry’s Tackle Andy Young
1st= 8 Dylan’s Cosmic Sister Kate Williamson
3rd= 7 It’s been a long road Paul Conroy
3rd= 7 Hand of Dog Tim Donnelly Smith
3rd= 7 Estuary England Darren Gavigan
6th= 6 El Pringle Keith Pringle
6th= 6 DK Willy DK
6th= 6 Outlaw Alex
6th= 6 Peter Reid’s Love Child Andrew Hartland
6th= 6 Lorem Ipsum Jon D
6th= 6 TwoHalves Tom Laidlaw
6th= 6 Roger Milla Matthew Woodeson
6th= 6 Rooney Who? Chris Boulter
14th= 5 On the ball city Simon Barnes
14th= 5 Totalfootball Nick T
14th= 5 Twoshedz Twoshedz
14th= 5 Scotland’s Revenge Andrew Robb
14th= 5 carlosfandango Carl Mesner Lyons
14th= 5 hand of job david hickson
20th= 4 The Italian Stallion Eddie Vassallo
20th= 4 SoccerBowl XIX Paul Revy
20th= 4 anybody but england Gordon “Scotland was robbed” Crawford
20th= 4 roar times three Rory
20th= 4 The Wizard of Dribble Stephen “Stan” Matthews
20th= 4 The Andrews Family Ethan and Finn Andrews
20th= 4 Magic Sponge David Crook
20th= 4 keegan’s fro Deana
20th= 4 World Cup Widow Sally Mesner Lyons
20th= 4 Jules ‘Rimmer’ Dan McGrath
20th= 4 Danish Bacon Nik Goodman
20th= 4 Guinness Original Martin Borrett
Oof 3 it is now jim chambers
Oof 3 Golden ‘Berry’ Balls Berry

By carlosfandango

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