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Andy, we forgive the top knot – Euroguff Day 9

England win. What an odd feeling to wake up to. Re-live it with these splendid animated gifs of Welbeck and Carroll’s goals yesterday. And here’s how one ex-pat Euroguffer, Simon Grayson, kept his (American) daughter up to date with the score: Who…

England win. What an odd feeling to wake up to. Re-live it with these splendid animated gifs of Welbeck and Carroll’s goals yesterday.

And here’s how one ex-pat Euroguffer, Simon Grayson, kept his (American) daughter up to date with the score:

Who should I cheer for? Czech Republic v Poland

This is one of those games where no-one has a clue, so opinion is spread evenly across the Euroguff predictive canvas spectrum range area.

Czech pattern draw Polish this
Andy Grey DK Willy 2012sheds
El Pringle Tim Henman Bayer Neverlusen
Mike Bassett Dario Made-the-Gradi Sepp Bladder
Simon Grayson Roy Hodgson Strev87
roy the hodgson Benny The Ball Toy Dodgson
B B Foot Steve Mclaren Harry Redface
McFuddle ‘O Toole Earsane Wanger Ivor Greatidea
Scotty McNasty Brown Fox Simoneo Huesserelli
Ronaldo McDonald  Lorem Ipsum Is Pele Playing?
Don revie Bring Back Bobby Robson Soccer Sage
Jigsaw (goes to pieces in the box) Naven Johnson Vuvuzela  
Tom Laidlaw Canary Wheat Dodger
George Osborne is a twat Gazza Trap A Tony
Arsenedof Nowhere Mozzer Claudio Inglesias Failte
Septic Tank Charlton Wicked Woy Wodgson Del Garnett
Mr. Awesome Big Ron Colonel Saunders  
Mrs Euroguff Hatch’s Heros  
Toy Bodgson The Special [Measures] One  
Kicker Conspiracy Messi Gardener  
Yankee’s Spankers Stevie’s Wunders  
Bill Shankly Normski Gunner  
Paulo Di Harringtonio Letina lotagoals   
Hansi Mueller Dirk Diggler  
Fabio Crapello    
Christophe Woodini    
Anjusha Klins-Morinho    
Swiss T    

*** Crisp Correction ***

So Roy Keane rang me up after yesterday’s email, pointing out that I had confused Tayto with Taito – the Japanese corporate which spawned Space Invaders. According to Roy, I have to “change my mentality” and can “stick it up my bollox“.


 – Tayto and Taito, yesterday

Who should I cheer for? Greece v Russia
48 Euroguffers have this as an orthodox Russian victory, with just five Hellenic heroes praying for Greek rapture

Greek Orthodox Draw
Ronaldo McDonald  Mike Bassett
Mr. Awesome Simon Grayson
Yankee’s Spankers B B Foot
Wheat Dodger McFuddle ‘O Toole
Letina lotagoals  Toy Dodgson
  Naven Johnson
  Anjusha Klins-Morinho
  Hatch’s Heros
  Stevie’s Wunders
  Del Garnett

  Abba Shabba Total
1= Tim Henman david hickson 22
1= Arsenedof Nowhere Darren Hanson 22
1= Simoneo Huesserelli Simon Huesser 22
1= Mrs Euroguff Mrs Carlosfandango_ 22
5= Sepp Bladder Carl Mesner Lyons 20
5= Brown Fox Jim Chambers 20
5= Yankee’s Spankers Dave Robertshaw 20
5= Paulo Di Harringtonio Paul Harrington 20
5= Hansi Mueller Bernd Friedle 20
5= Vuvuzela   Sandra Benfer 20
5= Wicked Woy Wodgson David Patterson 20
5= Stevie’s Wunders Steve Andrews 20
5= Del Garnett Darren Gavigan 20
14= Bayer Neverlusen Rob Broome 18
14= B B Foot Rory 18
14= Steve Mclaren JT 18
14= Bring Back Bobby Robson Dan Jamieson 18
14= Naven Johnson Eddie Vassallo 18
14= Is Pele Playing? John Orta 18
14= Kicker Conspiracy Tim Fiddies 18
14= Gazza Gary Taylor 18
14= Wheat Dodger Leanne McGirr 18
14= Fabio Crapello Martin B 18
14= Swiss T Thomas Angst 18
25= 2012sheds Pete smith 16
25= Simon Grayson Paul Revy 16
25= Benny The Ball Nick Townend 16
25= Don revie Simon Andrews 16
25= Christophe Woodini Chris Wood 16
25= Hatch’s Heros Chris Matthews 16
25= The Special [Measures] One Tim Donnelly Smith 16
25= Normski Gunner Norman House 16
33= Andy Grey Darren Holdaway 14
33= DK Willy DK 14
33= El Pringle Keith Pringle 14
33= roy the hodgson harvey 14
33= McFuddle ‘O Toole Gordon  14
33= Scotty McNasty Andrew Robb 14
33= Earsane Wanger Paul Shaw 14
33= Toy Dodgson Kelsey O 14
33= Harry Redface Dan McGrath 14
33= Ivor Greatidea Steve Edney 14
33= Toy Bodgson Tom Barton 14
33= Bill Shankly Bob Steadman 14
33= Anjusha Klins-Morinho Anna Wilson 14
33= Trap A Tony Tony Power 14
33= Letina lotagoals  Berry 14
48 Roy Hodgson John Catterfeld 12
48 Ronaldo McDonald  Cephas Howard  12
48 Jigsaw (goes to pieces in the box) Matt Brooke-Smith 12
48 Septic Tank Charlton Jeremy Crisp 12
48 Canary Simon Barnes 12
48 Soccer Sage Mike Xenakis 12
48 Mozzer Paul Conroy 12
48 Big Ron Colonel Saunders Andrew Hartland 12
48 Messi Gardener Johnny T  12
57= Mike Bassett Eamonn Newell 10
57= Strev87 dave strevett 10
57= Tom Laidlaw Tom Laidlaw 10
57= George Osborne is a twat Andy Young 10
57= Dirk Diggler Nik Goodman 10
62= Dario Made-the-Gradi David of Crook 8
62= Lorem Ipsum Jon D 8
62= Claudio Inglesias Failte Claude Tonna-Barthet 8
65 Mr. Awesome Geroge Pokorny 6